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Three Ways To Use Slideshare.net

I love slideshare.net!  It has saved my life when I need a presentation on a topic and needed something fast (like in the morning before classes began).  Here are three ways to use Slideshare in your teaching.

First, you can find a pre-made PowerPoint on the subject you are teaching.  I would not recommend using it as you find it on Slideshare.  There are often misspellings, factual errors, and irrelevant information.  With a little proofreading and elimination of irrelevant information, you can find a ready made PowerPoint that can be presented in class.  Why do you need to reinvent the wheel when it is already created?

Second, this is a great point to begin research on a topic you are thinking about included in your classes for the future.  If you want to include a new novel for your English class, first check to see if there is a PowerPoint on it.  Another teacher may have an interesting spin on a plot point or character that you had not previously thought about. 

Third, challenge students to improve upon the PowerPoints that they find on slideshare.  Since anyone can post to Slideshare, there are many bad PointPoints as well.  Have you students become critics of what they find and then challenge them to make a better PowerPoint on the topic.

Note:  You can also use Google to find PowerPoint presentations.  Here is a sample search  <<"French Revolution" +filetype:PPT>>.  This should return all of the PowerPoint presentations on the French Revolution that are available on the Internet.  The same rules apply: some will be good and others horrible.  Challenge yourself and your students to pan the gold that is available on Slideshare and the Internet.

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