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How To Not Be Overwhelmed By New Technology

Last week, I joined Twitter, and it is the greatest personal learning tool I have ever found.  However, I now have 130+ people I am following, and it seems like I can never keep up with all of the links and amazing articles people are sharing.  How can I not keep up?  I might miss something amazing.

Yet, I have reminded myself that before last week, I did not have this tool, and life continued.  Every time I go on Twitter, I usually find one or two valuable nuggets of information.  I am learning to be happy with what I find, and to find a way to really incorporate one or two ideas each week into my teaching.  The blog has really helped in that respect.  I am trying to add content daily that makes me reflect on how to really utilize these links and ideas.  Having them is not enough.  Utilizing them, learning from them as you and your students play and learn, and then sharing them with other teachers truly makes them valuable.  Finding, playing and sharing these are the three key words I am taking into the new year.  Less Starbucks coffee wouldn't hurt my nerves either.

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