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Three Great Ways To Use Digg.com

I often forget to look at my digg.com page, but every time I remember it, I am always thrilled with what I find.  How can you use Digg.com?

First, I use it to find articles that interest me.  I don't really have time to sit and read a newspaper daily, so I let Digg bring me exactly the types of stories that I like.  This keep me informed about what is happening in technology and world politics.  I can scroll through the days news in a couple of minutes and use Simply Box to tag any articles that look really interesting.

Second, having students use Digg.com and send you their search results via Twitter or Facebook is a great idea.  History classes are notorious for having students find current event stories.  Couldn't we turn that project into a Web2.0 experiment in which students use Digg and send you the best of what they find.  Easier for you to track and grade.

Third, this is a great way to share information on Twitter.  I just joined Twitter, and I often feel like I don't contribute enough to my followers.  By using Digg, I can find interesting articles and quickly post the link online.  I am contributing to Twitter, and feel more connected to my followers. 

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