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Three Ways To Use Delicious

Delicious is a social bookmarking site that allows you to store your Internet bookmarks on the web.  However, it is much more.  Let me share a few ways to use this great tool.

First, Delicious allows you to keep all of your bookmarks in one place.  I have three computers that I use regularly.  If I simply bookmarked information on the computer I was using at the time, I would never know where my bookmarks are (this happened often).  Now I bookmark everything through Delicious, and all of my bookmarks are always available.

Second, Delicious uses tags to make information easy to find.  Previously, I would have to spend a day every month organizing my bookmarks into folders, and then I would still not be able to find what I wanted.  Delicious uses tags (keywords) to help you find what you want in a hurry.  Just click one of the tags, and every bookmark that has that keyword is display.  Much faster and no time is wasted trying to organize (this is very helpful for right brained personalities).

Last, Delicious has a networking function.  I just found out about this yesterday.  I joined Twitter, and the people I am following always share great links, but what about the links they found last month or last year?  By networking to their Delicious bookmarks, I can look through their tags and find anything that I want very quickly.  It is a fantastic way to share great links without hours of Internet searches.

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