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Three Ways To Use iGoogle

iGoogle is fantastic.  I really did not understand its power until I attended the California League of High School's technology conference.  I saw someone using it, and I decided to try it, and I was immediately hooked.  Here are some ways to use it.

First, it is a great way to avoid the e-mail filter at your school.  I was unable to check my gmail at school, until I began using iGoogle.  Now I get my five most recent e-mails everytime I open the Internet.  If anything interests me, I can use iGoogle to get around the filter.

Second, I use the widgets to put interesting information at my fingertips.  The widgets are easy to install (just click the link and then move it where you want).  I put philosophy quotes, a calculator and a fractal picture creator on mine.  I enjoy opening up the Internet to check what has come to me.

Third, it can be used to for your own personal development.  Two widgets that I downloaded make it easy to continually grow as a professional.  First, I use Google Reader to get daily updates on my favorite blogs.  I am following 15 blogs about education.  As the author posts, I get updates and can send feedback or questions to the author right from my desktop.  Second, I can follow Twitter from iGoogle as well.  I have a great learning network and I see the updates from that group on my desktop daily.  The list of links, articles and great ideas is virtually endless from this group, and iGoogle makes everything easy to find.

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