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It is important to create a shared learning environment at your school for Web 2.0 tools.  I just shared the link for the periodic table with the chair of our science department.  It took three seconds to complete, and I know she will love it. 

So why don't we do this more?  Our biggest issue is time and lack of connection.  With Web 2.0, the time issue is a non-issue.  You can Twitter, Blog, and Wiki links in no time at all.  The biggest issue I need to overcome is lack of connection.  When I am trying to prepare lessons, grade, and keep track of my technology needs, it is difficult at times to think about what my colleagues need.  However, it feels great when you provide a tool that makes another teacher's life easier.  I gain so much from my Twitter group and the blogs those teachers share.   I feel that I must give back to my community of learning friends and that feeling needs to be extended to my colleagues at school as well.

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