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Brainstorming Ways To Use YouTube In Schools

Today, I want to brainstorm about ways to use YouTube in the classroom. 

First, I use them as anticipatory sets (from Madeline Hunter) to foster class discussion.  A short video clip can really help start a class discussion.  The obvious problem is how to get around my school's censoring software.  I search for the videos at home and then convert them using www.zamzar.com.  If you have not used it, you must try it. 

Second, I use YouTube as a professional development tool.  I have found www.commoncraft.com to be a great resource for videos for understanding web2.0 tools.  It is a great place to start when I want to try something new. 

Third, it is a great place to for students to post their work and get an authentic audience.  I love it when people from around the world see videos my students have created.  Sometimes the criticism can be harsh, but most of the time the feedback is positive and the students love it. 

Fourth, this is an idea that I got from Kenneth's ESL blog at http://tinyurl.com/9y9ael, use YouTube as a listening exercise.  Find videos where the images and the words do not correspond or are contradictory.  Challenge the students to look beyond the images and hear the message that is really behind the video. 

Last, I love to use YouTube videos to shake up a staff development meeting.  There are so many great videos on educational technology and the transformation of our schools.  Find one with shocking information and images.  I always get great feedback after showing one of those videos.  One I just recently found is the connected classroom at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zWtJOQZO2o.  Show it at your next staff development and see what happens.

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