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Ways To Use Simply Box

I love this website for organizing important links.  I am currently using it in a variety of ways.

First, I use it to organize my own research.  I am researching links and ideas to share at my school during professional development.  It allows me to create a visual history of my searches and to organize my thoughts in a variety of ways.  I can move things back and forth between boxes as my emphasis for my blog changes.

Second, I can collaborate with other teachers easily.  I can invite other teachers to view what is in my box or I can use the "Box and Send" function to share information with other teachers immediately. 

Third, I love the comment feature.  I can give a short annotation to each website that I find.  When I am searching, I can quickly annotate how I want to use the site.  Then I when I have reflection time, like over holiday break or during the summer, I can return and remember what idea that site triggered for me.

I will keep searching for innovative ways to use simply box, and when I find them.  I will update the blog.

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