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Three Ways To Use xtimeline.com

xtimeline.com is a great program for English and History teachers, but it can also be used for all classes when teaching students about the evolution of a concept.  Here are a couple of ways to use it.

First, for students who excel and enjoy history.  If you have a student, who completes classwork in about 2 seconds, have her research existing timelines for you.  There are thousands of pre-made timelines that exist, so there may be very useful timelines that already meet your needs.  Let a student do the fishing for you, so that you can simply review what she has found.

Second, they are great for group projects.  Students can work collaboratively on the timelines.  When connecting literature and history, this would be an excellent group project.  Have the students document the historical influences on the author.  The students can use wikipedia and other sources to gather their information and then combine those resources in the creation of a timeline.

Third, you can use it for your own personal knowledge.  For example, I wanted to teach my kids about Chanukkah, but most of the books on the subject are not that great.  At the bottom of xtimeline, there are featured timelines that present popular or currently relevant information.  The one for today was Chanukkah, and it does a great job of showing the history of Chanukkah.  Excellent resource that I will be sharing with my kids when we light the candles tonight.

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